Verwelius works with many different partners, with both profit and non-profit organisations: corporate, provinces and municipalities, housing associations, foundations and other institutions.

Our experience enables us to translate their specific wishes and requirements into customised solutions. The social context of projects must always be considered. So, ensuring that a social housing quota is seamlessly incorporated into a particular project, for example.

Building is our basis: whatever the object, Verwelius delivers high-quality projects, usually customised to meet specific wishes.

Urban development: a redevelopment project giving an office building a second life as an apartment complex and which also takes energy savings and the environment into account.

All-round concept: Verwelius takes responsibility in all phases, because only then can we achieve the top quality standards we set ourselves.

Multifaceted projects: entire districts created in the context of urban expansion with different types of homes.


Over the years, Verwelius has built up an extensive property portfolio. We currently manage a great expanse of floor space, including shopping centres, offices, etc. at various high-profile locations in the Netherlands.

Furthermore, Verwelius has many residential units, making it comparable to a medium-sized housing association. Managing such properties and units is an important responsibility. As a manager, we are very much involved in meeting the requirements and wishes of businesses and private clients.

Our years of experience in managing property has given us specialist expertise that enables us to develop projects to perfection. This characterises the integrated approach that we promote.

Large scale

In recent years, we have successfully completed many different projects. These have included both short-term and long-term projects, some big, some small, but always extensive: projects geared towards specific uses or anchored within a broader context of urban expansion and development, including combinations of properties for work, residential and retail purposes. These projects were naturally completed using the latest technologies for energy savings and the environment.

Thanks to our knowledge of all aspects of urban development and architecture, you can entrust us with both the plan development and the construction at future sites.

For every target group: whether it is social housing quota or luxurious AAA apartments, Verwelius does it all and much more.