Verwelius is constantly looking for new sites and projects for future developments in the Randstad region. This may be agricultural land with or without permission for future construction and short-term or long-term development positions. Mainly focused on residential development. We are also extremely interested in acquiring property, particularly housing, for our own investment portfolio.

For the redevelopment of land for new designations, we are interested in a wide range of properties (office space, industrial buildings, community properties, etc.) to which our team of experienced professionals can give a new lease of life. We guarantee a good price and rapid assessment and settlement. Offers can be addressed to:

Urban expansion: site preparation for horticultural land acquired by Verwelius for the phased redevelopment into a residential area.

Acquired agricultural land: in the Randstad region that is funded by Verwelius from its own assets and developed into new build area.

Acquired real estate: on an AAA site at the heart of an inner-city area which a team of Verwelius specialists has redeveloped from office space into luxury penthouses.


We always have new construction projects under development and for sale. Information about these is available on our project websites, where you can also find sales information and the relevant estate agents. We also regularly sell stakes in investment projects.